Got pretty drunk las

Got pretty drunk last night so I took a bus home. That may not seem like a big deal but I’ve never driven a bus before. Via VinnyVanHogh


Top 10 Reasons you s

Top 10 Reasons you shouldn’t miss the SM Workshop: Discount on your rentals from http://htxt.it/Vg4j

SM Photography Works

SM Photography Workshop: Beautiful Models, amazing time – Hit me up for details

SM Photography Works

SM Photography Workshop – hit me up for details

SexyMuse Workshop

SexyMuse Workshop

Glamour and Nude: SexyMuse Posing and lighting Workshop

Are you looking to spice up your portfolio, but can’t seem to find the right models or don’t want to spend a fortune on modeling fees, studio rentals, or equipment?
Have you ever wonder how can you increase the quality of your images?
Looking for an event that can show you how to take your glamour photography to the next level? Continue Reading »

Sexy Muse model Ange

Sexy Muse model Angela from Orlando, FL: Another reason to go to the parks!!! – http://www.sexymuse.com

Haiti Earthquake Rel

Haiti Earthquake Relief: For the question “How can I help?”… – http://www.sexymuse.com/blog/2010/01/19/532